Next to Normal by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkley

“A steaming, fiery cauldron of raw emotion… amazingly realized characters… this is a show with a whole lot of heart, and much to say, not only about mental illness, but the nature of families and human relationships. Director Brian Katz was convinced that the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical about bipolar disorder would work in an intimate theater, and he proved himself correct.” -Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

“Amazing Director – Brian Katz. The cast gives a performance of astonishing complexity and passion.” -Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron

“Brian Katz direction is vibrant and fast paced. I never thought a small company like Custom Made Theatre could produce a provocative Broadway musical of “Next to Normal”. Boy was I wrong.” – Richard Commena, ForAllEvents

Edward Albee’s The Play About the Baby 

(Winner! Best Overall Production under 100 seats, San Francisco Bay Area Critics’ Circle)

“Director Brian Katz’s production is surreal, riotous, troubling, intimate and heartbreaking….This is a must for Albee fans and a pleasing outing for anyone who enjoys thinking person’s drama.” – Richard Connema,

“…in the capable hands of director Brian Katz…It is Albee at his best.”  -Charles Kruger,

“Brian Katz’s sparse but effective direction keeps the story rolling along on track.” – Stacy Trevenon.

“What a show! – Wonderful and imaginative!” -Lee Hartgrave,

” Custom Made’s excellent production of the play (is) under Brian Katz’s firm hand” -Kedar Adour,

A Bright Room Called Day by Tony Kushner 

(Nominated! Best Director under 100 seats, San Francisco Bay Area Critics’ Circle)

“Easily, (Brian Katz) is one of the best directors of the year… The exhilarating actors are moody, athletic. Complex and talented in this inspired work.” -Lee Hartgrave,

“Director Katz makes sure that the pace is varied and the actors engaged in every moment. The first rate company takes the audience on a wild emotional ride, full of highs and lows, passion and intellect.” -Charles Kruger,

Candide of Califonia or, Optimism by Voltaire; adptd by Brian Katz

“Director Brian Katz’s adaptation of Voltaire’s Candide, both transforms the original philosophical tale into a farce that satirizes present-day California optimism and alludes to life in America…a playful and illuminating ride to awaken Californians and beyond.” Dr. Annette Lust, BayTimes

“Katz directs with panache using broad strokes…this Candide of California is worth a visit.” -Kedar Adour,